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Garuda Indonesia 24-hour Mobile Center ready to receive complaints from passengers

Garuda Indonesia’s 24-hour call center is an excellent service to one of the largest airlines in Indonesia. Very broad market access is one of the reasons why this company is implementing excellent service to its customers. Because customer convenience is one of the main objectives of Garuda Indonesia.

In addition, the airline is also deeply concerned about every detail about the service to its passengers. For example, in terms of providing food or snacks to passengers. They pay so much attention to the quality of their food and beverages that they decided to partner with several suppliers who have ensured the best quality and quality.

Because it is doneto reduce complaints  and negative emotions from customers through Garuda Indonesia Mobile Channel 24 hours depending on availability. From bookings that can be done at any time by potential passengers, this call center is very important. It’s all for encouragement and positive feedback from the passengers of this airline.

Already ranked as one of Indonesia’s number one airlines, Garuda is very careful in everything. Because just one mistake can tarnish their image in the hearts and eyes of the passenger or the general public. Because they think that anything related to Garuda must be top class.

This 24-hour Garuda Indonesia call center is intended for potential passengers and loyal customers. This organisation does not want to lose its market just because of their poor service in the eyes of customers. Therefore, as a company providing aviation services they should definitely give all the best.

Existing Complaints from Customers

Due to the large number of passengers who can be loyal customers of this airline, so this company in serving its customers is mistaken or the quality drops even if only slightly more pronounced. Because they have become loyal customers and understand very well the services they have received. So it must be based on quality.

Although they have tried their best to implement high-level services by providing Garuda Indonesia’s 24-hour call center, there are still passengers or customers who feel undeserved. So they make complaints to this company through the call center feature which for them is very helpful in making complaints.

The complaints from these customers are very different. Others are dissatisfied with the services of the company’s employees. Then there are also those who are dissatisfied with issues related to aircraft equipment. Because when they have paid for the ticket, it means that they already trust the Garuda and want to get the best service based on price.

The worst complaints are received through Garuda Indonesia’s 24-hour call center in providing flight services, i.e. when there is a flight schedule delay. Although the delay is due to the main reason being bad weather. If the flight continues, it will actually threaten the lives of the aircraft’s occupants. But passengers sometimes still don’t accept it for a variety of reasons.

Call  Center  Service Purpose

Recognizing that the company sometimes still has limitations in providing flight services, this call center service was created. With this service, it is expected that it will be able to plug in the demands and inputs from passengers to the company. Because it’s impossible if a company asks customers one by one.

However, the company prefers to offer Garuda Indonesia’s 24-hour call center  so that passengers and loyal customers can complain independently of Garuda. In addition, garuda also hopes for its passengers to provide input and criticism that can build this company.

So that from all complaints made by loyal customers or garuda passengers it should be a tool to evaluate the performance of this company. Based on the evaluation of the company’s shortcomings, improvements will be made to the quality of service that is excellent and then able to make its loyal customers comfortable so that there is no loss on both sides as service providers and service users.

The 24-hour Garuda Indonesia call center also has the potential to make passengers feel closer to the company. Because they can contact him whenever and whenever they need to. This call center is certainly available for 24 hours, so whenever  you  want  to  complain and address concerns related to garuda services, you can contact 0804-180-7807.

Types of Call Centers that Can Be Used

Every company must have a call center service to accommodate everything customer-related. But please note that the call center itself has several types. In order to receive complaints even when conducting marketing activities there is its selection of this call center.

The first is inbound. Garuda Indonesia’s 24-hour Call Center is  for use and functions only as the recipient of everything related to complaints and complaints from customers or airline passengers. So that when employees are placed in this position they are usually those with the best type of listener and are patient in handling all negative feedback from customers.

While the second type of call center is out that has an understanding or function as a marketing medium. So that when a company calls you to offer all its products, it means kind of out of call center. In this position, it is usually employees who are good at negotiating and presenting everything related to the company’s products.

So basically Garuda Indonesia’s 24-hour Call Center has its own function. If not appropriate take suggestions and criticism of customers and customer service. Then selling all the products and profits of the Garuda, they use a variety of external call center that is in accordance with their goals.

Sifa yang a Must Have of a Call Center

The person who is responsible and serves as a call center must possess several key characteristics. The absolute attribute that a call center must possess is patience. They must be patient in receiving various complaints even to the point of ridicule from customers. And it’s common and comes out of the mouths of dissatisfied customers.

Then care. Call centers must have a high level of concern for customer complaints. Finally, Garuda Indonesia’s 24-hour call center should have a good listener background. Because when a customerhas complained of problems with a company’s services, the call center must listen as well as possible and then pass it on to the company’s internal party.

Basically, the presence of a call center service in a company is very important in order to sell products and receive all complaints from customers. That way the company understands correctly about the weaknesses it must correct. Garuda Indonesia’s 24-hour call center  is one of the best services offered by Garuda Indonesia to its customers.

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