How to contact the Pokobin call centre and report consumer complaints: SudutKebun

As a customer, of course, when there is a discrepancy, the first step taken is to contact bukopin call center. Apart from consumer calls, there are several other ways to contact the bank. In this way customers can resolve their complaints quickly.

Cases such as atm cards lost due to  cash transfer failure can be  easily completed without having to go to a branch office. This can be done thanks to Bukopin Bank’s customer service that always accompanies you. So don’t worry if there’s a problem with banking management.

Consumers have the right to report their complaints to the manager or branch without hesitation. Even this Pokobin call centre is  open 24 hours a day nonstop to serve all sorts of customer complaints. So when there’s a problem even though it’s in the middle of the night , you can still report it.

In the next discussion, you will explain in detail how you as a customer can make contact with the bank. There are three easier ways, namely through phone calls, cell phone calls and via email. You should know these three ways as a Bocoben Bank customer.

How to connect to the Pokobin call centre using the phone

This is one of the most commonly used ways for customers to contact the bank in case something happens. Just call 14 005 and you will be immediately connected to Bukopin Bank customer service. This service can be used by customers for free.

Unlike other banks that still deduct credit or bukopin operator fees, this service is officially free. So don’t be afraid of the cost of too much to make a Bukopin call  when you need it.

In fact, most banks continue to charge for telecommunications by consumers. So it’s very natural that most of you don’t know that the cost of this phone has been borne by the bank. In addition to being free, customers can also make this call anytime, anywhere.

Pokobin customer call service is open for 24 hours and 7 business days. Although your holiday as a customer can still report complaints on your bank account.

During working hours, you’ll probably experience a call delaybecause there’s a queue. This is normal to happen at certain moments, you just have to  wait thirty minutes and then try to make another call. Such cases are rare but there’s nothing wrong with knowing the solution.

Contact the Pokobin call centre using the mobile network

Bank customers are not required to call using a phone number if they do not have their devices. Your current mobile  phone can also be used  to make calls directly. The number also required is not much different from traditional calls, so it’s very easy to remember.

Just call +62 14 005 to make calls using the cellular network. Although some telecommunications operators can already be integrated with traditional numbers, you can save this cellular number  when traditional calls cannot be made.

Not much different from  traditional Bukopin call centers, where cellular network usage is still free. So don’t worry,  your balance will burn  when you make a call to the bank. This mobile phone server is already different from traditional, so it has many advantages.

If you call throughthis mobile number, the possibility of queuingfor calls will be smaller. So when an emergency advises using the number to make immediate contact with the bank. In emergencies such as lost ATM cards, this method is highly recommended for customers.

The sooner you report a problem that occurs, the sooner the bank deals with it. Emergency events such as atm card loss, bank transfer failure or brief incorrect name entry can be resolved. Even using this method has the potential to make you not have to come to the branch office.

How to report a bank customer’s complaint using email

The development of technology makes the use of e-mail increasingly common. Therefore, Bukopin also provides customer service using email if the call is not possible. By doing a report using an email, the problem can be transmitted in detail.

Complaints filed via this email usually relate to bank requests or digital transfers. The customer can therefore send a screenshot image directly as evidence of the failure of the process. It is also easier for the bank to confirm the error in the process.

Even by using this email, very complex issues such as data entry errors can be resolved without having to come to the branch office. An example is the name entry error when you make a cash transfer, you can simply take a screenshot and include it as a guide.

You can even report atm error events  by attaching photos or videos as evidence. This method has proven more effective than making Bukopin call center calls  that are limited to voice media only. So wherever there is a disturbance, customers can report it immediately.

In terms of response, the email method still has disadvantages compared to traditional calls. Customers may need to wait a few minutes to get an email to respond from the bank. If you’re in a hurry, just combine this traditional phone and email method as a solution.

To contact via email, customers can use the address  to make a connection.

Learn about Bukopin’s new Viola technology

There are probably still a few customers who know this Bukopin Bank VIOLA technology. In fact, Viola is the latest breakthrough to increase the speed of service for customers. Basic questions can be answered directly without having to contact human staff.

Viola is a robot that will help with bukopin call center problems  so that there is no stacking of calls to human employees.

Customers who use e-mail to file complaints by Viola will also be answered before receiving a response from the human administrator. The advantages of this technology certainly speed up communication between customers and banks so that there is no bottleneck that interferes with the customer service system.

To date, viola technology is still under development to improve customer comfort. Not only is Viola’s email also scheduled to be used to maximize traditional calls. This is to solve the light problems viola faster to respond.

Customers will certainly be more comfortable with this technology to help file banking complaints smoothly. Future transaction problems will also be used so that mobile banking activities are smoother and faster for customer convenience.

As a customer, of course, you will be helped further by developing this banking technology.  Bukopin’s call center services will be maximized,  helping to facilitate consumers’ needs.

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