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West Java Benton is famous delicious for recipe Emple Degeneration

Many processed meats can be used as heavy food, especially for side dishes and one of them is a recipe with a distinctive flavor for Western Javanese benton meat . Perhaps for most people living in the West Java region, they already understand the taste and texture of processed meat, so it’s considered one of the favorite dishes there.

For those of you who like to hunt for food from different areas, we highly recommend trying meat ampules from Benton. But before that, you need to know how it’s easy to find the difference between impulse, stew, and ramag in general in the city of Banton. All three foods mainly use the same basic ingredient, namely beef.

If you look deep into processed beef, it’s one of the really popular dishes because it’s very suitable if it’s given extra spices to strengthen the dish’s flavor. As a beef-based dish, the Western Javanese Benton meat ampulle recipe has its own fan section due to its distinctive flavor.

Since it’s one of the heavy foods made from processed meat, of course, the texture of all three of them is almost identical because they are both heavy, greasy, and of course delicious when fed with rice. But even though the features are almost identical, all three foods have different textures and flavors so that they can accommodate each one’s taste.

The popularity of all processed meats in the Benton City Area

In the culinary business world, of course, many food stalls or restaurants have a menu that uses processed meat. From processed chicken, beef or fish, all three have their own experts because each has a different language. However, when discussing the composition of the Western Javanese meat Ampule Benton, of course the food has its own flavor.

So it’s not surprising that when visiting the city of Benton, many people are looking for meat-empault dishes with their own distinctive flavors. Since it should be easy to find in food stalls or roadside restaurants, this food is very popular with locals and outside the city. Popular dishes will become more popular if they are too easy to find anywhere.

Of course, in addition to other processed meats such as ribg, gepic, haymbacake, and fishpeps are also easy to find there. There are plenty of processed meats that you can try when visiting the city of Benton. But still,  the processed recipe for The Western Javanese Meat Ampule Benton is the main destination you should try when you go there.

If you look deeper into processed beef, it’s really the most popular than processed fish when visiting the city of Benton. In fact, the West Java region is characterized by dishes dominated by processed fish such as pips. Nevertheless, in essence, processed meat remains one of the most popular dishes in the West Java region.

Features of Processed Recipes EMPLD Aging Is West Java Benton

Residents of the West Java area themselves have food features that have a slightly spicy, sour and savory taste. In addition, people also really like fresh vegetables that are used as vegetables with heavy dishes, especially those based on processed meat. From these figures we can already conclude that meat is indeed a popular dish out there.

When we discuss processed meat, of course, what has been thought of is the  processed recipe for the commonly impulse meat of West Java Benton. But did you know that other processed meats like stews and rags also have properties close to processed meat? Both use the main ingredients of meat and coconut milk, all three dishes definitely have their own characteristics.

In terms of taste, of course, all three dishes rely heavily on the spices used to strengthen the taste of processed beef dishes. Coconut milk as one of the main ingredients is also very important because it can cause a savory taste in the three processed meats.

Apart from coconut milk, a part of the cow’s body also has a huge impact on the final outcome of this dish. If Benton’s typical West Javanese meat ampule recipe can make full use of the upper thigh, then the rag dish has a different basic ingredient. The rabb himself mainly uses brisket and gandak as the main meat ingredients used in the dish.

But for stew dishes, you should know that most preparations use beef like thighs for key ingredients. The brisket itself is the part of the cow that is located on the chest near the armpit. Then for the gandak is the part of the cow’s thigh itself whose meat quality is the same as the front thigh but still gives a different texture.

How to Make West Java Benton’s Commonly Processed  Ampule Meat That  Pampers The Tongue

In order to implement the recipe for West Javanese benton meat, you first need to prepare the ingredients and basic seasonings. Starting with murine, prepare 4 cloves of garlic, 3 tablespoons granulated sugar 1 teaspoon cumin seeds, 2 teaspoons coriander, 2 grams of glangal, 8 grams turmeric, water and salt to taste. Don’t forget to prepare 500 grams of meat as the main ingredient that is boiled half cooked.

Continue the processing process, you fry cumin and coriander for a while so that its color then changes. Remember to fry both ingredients separately and clean both ingredients as a subtle seasoning part. Give about one and a half teaspoons to mash turmeric and garlic with salt until it looks smooth.

After the fine seasoning  of the West Java Benton meat ampule recipe  is complete, proceed to the beef cutting section that has previously been boiled. Cut flat following the direction of the beef fiber so that it can be grounded later. The purpose of sharpening is that the taste of the previous fine seasoning can highlight and highlight the taste of benton’s common meat ample.

Then fry until the spices are aromatic for a while, continue to give about 200 ml of coffee water with broth and sugar. Don’t forget that pre-harvested beef has also been poured, wait at least 10 minutes to drain the water. Next, fry and serve the beef, which guarantees a very soft delicious taste for home cooking.

Benton meat ampule becomes the favorite dish of many

You can already make a processed recipe for West Javanese benton meat  at home  . The ingredients are simple and simple but the taste is still unmatched. In fact, many people are ready to go to Benton to taste this one dish directly from the city where the food comes from.

Some don’t even open businesses outside the city by relying on their ability to process Benton’s signature meat ampule dishes. Its distinctive flavor is able to entice people outside the city to taste one of these special dishes. In addition, during food festivals, this dish also appears frequently and is liked by many people who visit the festival.

Everyone definitely has their own taste for processed meat from soupy and dry dishes. If you’re one of those people who like soupy dishes, there’s nothing wrong with tasting Benton’s signature meat ample. Even if you want to make your recipe for the West Javanese meat Impal Benton  , it is widely circulated on the internet.

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