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5 Siyaabaha Hubi Smartfren Credit iyo Card Period Active

Reading 5 ways to ensure credit and smartfren active season cards is crucial for users of this well-known provider in Indonesia.   Smartfren has become popular and has been in great demand in Indonesia since its first production. This provider’s products have been widely spread across various indonesian corners.

This provider offers a variety of ways, to appeal to the public. Moreover, with a wider and more diverse fairness, the smartfren becomes more attractive in different circuits. In fact, all people from the lower to the middle class in the middle class are also happy to use smartfren.

5 Advantages of Smartfren Provider

5 ways to view smartfren credit and a dynamic period card are so important for users not over the grace period. Are you one of the users? Since they first originated in Indonesia, people have been curious. He extended his wings to different places.

  1. Super Cheap

Everyone wants to have financial and financial providers. If you’re looking for a provider with these benefits, then smartfren is the answer. All the cheapest parts are offered the cheapest quota.


Well, 5 ways to check credit smartfren and the dynamic duration of the card can obviously be done by all parties. Some people who did not believe in this advantage before started to turn towards Smarfren. But after they proved themselves, they felt that they had adapted to using it.


  1. Destructive symptoms can automatically disappear

Is the missing automatic signal one of the downsides? Not that, but a signal can be automatically lost is an advantage in itself on this card. The signal will be lost when not using the mobile phone . For example, if you leave the house, you don’t have to deactivate the data packet but the signal automatically disappears when you enter the hard zone signal.


  1. Very financial

Well, the latest advantage of this cool provider is that it’s very financial.  You can get the big benefits in a cheaper and more economical way when you use this card. Despite waiting for payday, you can still enjoy the internet without having to worry about running out quotas.

5 Siyaabaha Hubi Smartfren Credit iyo Card Period Active

Have a hold credit so you can always enjoy the benefits of this provider. Otherwise it may happen that the number is being challenged and you regret it. How do I look at my credit balance scale and the activation period?

  1. Pre-register

Of the 5 ways to check smartfren credit and the active duration of the  card, this is the most common. Enter *999#. Kemudian, press the call button directly. The screen will show some of the card points left over from the card inside the phone.


  1. SMS

The way to do 5 ways to check smartfren scores and the active period of this card is you can open a messaging application. Enter only by SMS by typing the word CEK. Once finished, send an sms to the number 999.


  1. Carrier telefoonka

If you don’t want to be blunt, you can listen directly to the remaining loan as well as the active period of the number by calling. Just call 999. 5 ways to check out credit and a smartfren active season card will definitely help you a lot.


  1. Use the app

As a top smartphone era provider, smartfren also has a Mysmartfren application. Download it first if you want to use it. By application, many information can be obtained, including, for example, the remaining credit and the activation period of the card.


  1. Website

For 5 ways to check Smartfren’s credit and the active duration of the  card should visit the my.smartfren.com website. Here, you can log in with your email and password to first re-register your account. Once you have registered a strategy, you can then check the loan you owe.

The above five ways are much easier to try, right? The method above also applies when you are going to check the card’s dynamic grace. The amount of credit will appear with the active period of the card and the grace period.

Information about the number of heartbeats and the active period will tell each user what they are doing. If it came into grace period, then by accelerating up credit as quickly as possible, you can avoid being blocked. So, audits must be held regularly and repeatedly on a regular basis.

How to Increase Smartfen Active Life

When you don’t do 5 ways to check smartfren points and active period on the card, unexpected and unexpected things can happen.  You can’t call and call the text. Then, this will  make you feel very worried if the number is really important in life because you have already made a lot of contacts with your relatives andassociates.

As shown, there is only 1 tip to do to avoid this problem. Just do a top-up credit, this is the only way to do it. So in doing so, it can increase during activity. So, the likelihood of being blocked is less.  You’ll be able to apply it at all times.

When your  favorite  card has come in at the limit of grace, versus credit from it. Other methods such as buying an active period or transferring credit cannot be done yet. After all, there’s nothing to lose in toping again, right?

Recharging can be performed both during grace and in the active period. The extra active period depends on how much you buy the loan you buy.

  1. Charging 5 thousand add 7 days
  2. charging 10 thousand and adding 15 days
  3. ordering 20 and 25 thousand and adding 30 days
  4. Charging 50 adds 60 days
  5. Charging 60K adds 75 days
  6. charging 100 thousand and adding 120 days
  7. ordering from 150 to 200 thousand adds 150 days

How to Move Smarfren Dead

Doing 5 ways to check your score and the active duration of the card will actually make yourself the cards dead. When the card is completely dead and you still need it the most, then there’s a way to do it.

The card enters a grace period divided into two phases.

  1. One-way block

One-way or one-way blocks can happen when you enter the 30-day grace limit. If this happens, outgoing calls and transcripts cannot be made. However, you can get sms and incoming calls


  1. Block Bidirectional

If this has already happened, then the card cannot be used entirely. Whether you want to go online, sms in and out, or incoming and outgoing calls can no longer be made.

If that comes to you, don’t rush to throw away the card if you really still need it. Just welcome to the Smartfren outlet to your city. There you can redo the card. The requirements are simple, bring your KTP, KK, payments, and this has not exceeded 3 months from grace period.

Smartfren is actually the most attractive provider to use in Indonesia. When using this provider, there are many benefits to enjoying. However, do not allow the protection to be reduced and always look at the time of activation cards. Is it using 5 ways to check the smartfren credit and dynamic duration of the above card .

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