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Is it true that the Grab Office is the Cibubur Grab Center?

In this conversation, we will explain if Grab Cibubur’s office is really in the middle of Grab? In the midst of the current pandemic, companies are forcing many to lay off. So, being a handhold driver can be an alternative to earning income.

Moreover, online motorized taxis themselves are one of the everyday ways of life of urban communities, as in the area of Jabodetabek. The fee that comes with being “ojol”, as it is called an online motorized taxi, is also very good at meeting daily needs. So it’s no surprise that many people are looking for information on whether Grab Cibubur’s office is really in the middle of Grab.

This is because potential drivers are registered and tested to become partners in the Cibubur grabbing office, especially for those who register as motor taxis. Prospective drivers should prepare various requirements in advance before visiting the office. However, according to the information, you need to register online to find out the availability or registration quota.

For more details, for those who want to go to the office for registration or others, they know the correct address of the office. As for whether Grab Cibubur’s office is in the middle of Grab, no. We check the correct address of Grab’s corporate headquarters.

Is it true that the Grab Office is the Cibubur Grab Center?

It is true that the grab office is an office located in the Cibubur area of East Jakarta as a place to register for potential partners or drivers. Many people think that the office captures the center of Indonesia. But it is clear that the grabbing office in the cibubur area is used only as a registration place, and not the main office.

Many people think that cibubur’s office should not only register, but also accept complaint handling services and other services related to Grab. In fact, the activities in the office are only for registration and testing of potential drivers.

Then where is grab Indonesia based? The head office is located at Jl. Bendungan Hilir No 114A, RT 13/RW 6, Bendungan Hilir, Tanah Abang District, Jakarta City Center, Jakarta Special Capital Region. For operating hours, this office is open daily from 08.00 to 17.00.

Seize the location of Cibubur East Jakarta East Office

They answered the question of  whether Grab Cibubur’s office is in the middle of Grab, then where is the location of grab office in the Cibubur area of Eastern Jakarta? For those who want to register to become a partner or bite the driver, you can go to the office located in Cibubur Jaktim.

The launch is located on Jl Jamboree No. You don’t have to pay for an entrance ticket to Wiladatika Park while visiting for registration and testing. During thepenetrating hour itself, the grab office in Cibubur is open daily from 08.00 to 16.00 WIB.

Before you come to the site, be sure to search for ancer-ancer first. For simplicity, you can use Google Maps with the keyword Taman Wiladatika Jakarta East. For those who are not residents of Jakarta, finding a place to find an office can be a bit difficult.

Register online before going to cibuburi office

Before visiting the Grab Office website in Cibubur, you need to register online. The goal is to find out and get the registration quota. Usually, for those who have not registered online, they will not be able to use services if this quota is full.

Online registration is also easy, please contact the contact center on 021 80-648-777 for the quota, as well as inform about the requirements to be delivered to the office.  Once you’ve booked your quota, you’ll be informed about the day and estimated hours that should arrive on your site.

As one of the largest online motorcycle taxi companies in Indonesia, it’s no wonder so many people want to join as a driver. So nowadays, the quota for becoming a driver is often full, and you have to wait for days or even weeks.

Activities at cibubur grab office

The answer to the question of whether grab Cibubur’s office is in the middle of Grab , it is very clear that the office located in the Cibubur office of Google is the main office.

  1. Registration

As explained earlier, these  four are  used as reg istr asi for potential motorists, not for drivers. Motorists are not registered in the office of Grab Cibubur.

  1. Complaint renewal suspended

Drivers who violate the rules or conditions will receive Supend, so they will not be able to work as usual, because the account is disabled. You can file a complaint about the suspension issue with this office, which will be requested for review later so that the account can be reused.

  1. Fiókpanaszok

This office also deals with account complaints issues, such as when the account is locked, frozen, or other account-related issues. Also, you don’t have to stand in line to receive the services associated with your account.

  1. Prospective Driving Test

Potential drivers must also pass a series of tests, including a safety driving test  , to test their ability to drive a vehicle. If this test drive fails, you will automatically not be a driver on Grab.

  1. Recover attributes

Ads for motorcycle taxi driver graduation appeared online on Grab on the same day or the next day. Once you’re past, you can add attributes in the same office.

Again, whether Grab Cibubur’s office is in the middle of Grab is not correct. So, grab Cibubur’s office serves only these services, as mentioned above. So, service users who want to complain about other things can visit the main office.

Documents that need to be provided when you need to grab an office

To apply as a partner, you need to bring some documents with you when you visit the grab office in Cibubur, East Jakarta. The documents in question include:

  1. A photocopy of identity. Such as KTP and KK, which will later be submitted in the form of photocopies.
  2. Photocopy of STNK. Potential drivers should collect a photocopy of the STNK from the vehicle, which will be used during the operation at a later date. The license plate must match the license plate on the motorcycle and the registered one, because otherwise you will suspend your account .
  3. Physically healthy. Attach a health certificate as proof that you are in good health mentally and physically to become an ojol driver. Please note that Grab imposes a maximum age requirement for would-be drivers aged 55.
  4. SIM C. Prospective drivers must already have a driver’s license as the main requirement for registration with a bookmaker.

For those who plan to register and visit Grab Cibubur’s office, be sure to bring some important documents above.  You can also check other information  through the official website  , www.grab.com that people who provide false information will not be tricked.

Well, now you know the answer about whether Grab Cibubur’s office is really in the middle of Grab, right? We hope that the explanation for the fact that the Grab Cibubur office is the center of the Above Grab , is useful for readers, especially those who plan to register as a partner.

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